V.O.V.A. is a family-owned enterprise with extensive experience in the lingerie industry.

The company was founded in 1991 in the beautiful city of Liepaya, Latvia. Over more than 30 years of successful operation, the enterprise has become one of the leading producers of lingerie in the Baltic countries, manufacturing high-quality, elegant, and comfortable women’s lingerie.

Quality Symbol

The V.O.V.A. Lingerie brand is a symbol of a top quality.

The company offers exquisite lingerie that meets the highest demands of modern women. Only high-quality materials from Italian, French, German, Austrian, and other European manufacturers are used in lingerie production. The company’s designers regularly attend international exhibitions and seminars to stay updated on the latest materials and accessory trends for upcoming seasons.


V.O.V.A. develops two fashion collections annually, a swimwear collection, and continuously enhances its classic collection in line with modern fashion trends, using high-quality materials from European manufacturers.


Our mission

We believe that every woman is beautiful! That’s why our mission is to create beautiful and comfortable lingerie that will help women learn to love themselves and their bodies, accentuating their uniqueness and sexuality!

Pievilcība un Elegance

Our capabilities

V.O.V.A. is one of the largest lingerie manufacturers in Latvia and possesses significant production capabilities and potential. The production facilities of V.O.V.A. operate successfully in Liepaya and Daugavpils. Currently, the company employs 123 people. Having its own production enables timely responses to changes in the lingerie market, maximum satisfaction of customer needs, and continuous improvement of product quality.

The company’s production capabilities allow it to produce over 45,000 items per month, ranging from economy to premium class.

The company also offers private label services with a full production cycle.

Impeccable style, beauty, and comfort for everyday wear and special occasions, a variety of models and sizes – all of these characterize the Latvian lingerie brand V.O.V.A. Lingerie.